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Detailed Getresponse Autoresponder Review

Want to get into the world of email marketing? Getresponse might be the first option on your list. There are some choices, and it is important to sift through all of them one by one.

This detailed Getresponse Autoresponder review will take a glance at the nuances of this solution and what it provides those who go down this path.

What are the pros and cons of Getresponse? Is it worth it or should you be looking at the other options?

This review will shed light on everything to ensure your decision is as easy as it can be.


1) Import And Grow Email Database
2) World-Class Auto Response Settings
3) Response Email Designs
4) Social Sharing Capability
5) Blog-To-Email Functionality (RSS)
6) Wide Range Of Templates
7) Segmentation Options For Users
8) Detailed Reporting
9) Offers Split Testing
10) Three Payment Plans (Email, Pro, Max)

These are the main features for Getresponse and what it has to offer.

Fantastic Pricing With Larger Databases

Getresponse is competitive in the short-term but dominant in the long-term.

What does this mean?

The pricing is based on how many subscribers are present on a list.

1) 1000 subscribers = $20/Month
2) 5000 subscribers = $65/Month
3) 10000 subscribers = $145/Month

That’s an example of how they structure things. Most autoresponders do this nowadays.

The reason this is a great option is because the more subscribers you add to the list, the better their pricing gets in comparison to the competition.

In fact, it becomes a $10+ difference per month once you creep into the 5000+ subscriber range. This is significant and shows why it is an adored option.


This is not an autoresponder where you are going to get frustrated. They have made sure it is usable and does not take long to understand.

They have spent a lot of time on it, and that is what wins people over.

Email marketing is challenging enough, and a poor autoresponder only makes things worse.

Getresponse is a good option for those who want consistency.

Amazing Analytics

Email marketing is not just about sending out emails, but about optimizing them based on incoming data. Getresponse is well-regarded for having the best reporting setup in the world.

It does an incredible job of providing incoming data.

You get information such as email ROI, metrics over time, and segmentation (mentioning users clicking habits).

It is information you can use to obtain better results now and in the future because tweaks can be made along the way. Other autoresponders provide similar features, but it is not at the same level.

Templates Are Dated

The one con people like to mention with Getresponse is the templates. They have a broad range of templates, but they are not as modernized.

Most are dated and look like they would have been used five years ago.

For those who don’t need templates, it doesn’t matter, but for those who do, it might be something to note down.

This is the only con you will see in this Getresponse Autoresponder review.

Concluding Thoughts

In the end, this Getresponse Autoresponder review shows how this service is one of the finest options on the market right now.

Email marketers feel this is a must when targeting their list and building it up. You want consistency and quality from an autoresponder more than anything else, and this delivers.

They have done an exceptional job with the service, and it shows through the intricate details. It is one of the finest autoresponders going right now for a reason.

Giving this a shot is worth it because the pros are far greater than any con you are going to see

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